Principal AI Technology and Services Engineer, Ink Division

Job Purpose: As Principal AI Technology and Services Engineer, you will work as leader and technology expert within a global and cross-discipline engineering organization that is responsible for Wacom’s Software technology, applications, and cloud-based services. You will have the opportunity to delight and inspire millions of digital pen and ink users every day around the globe with true innovative use cases and you will be one of the key leaders to develop Wacom’s technology intellectual property. As part of your responsibility, you will also lead partnerships and joint development projects with strategic partners in technology, research and service / solutions providers in Japan and Asia. With your expertise in SW and AI technology domains based in our headquarter office, you will also have the opportunity to work with our pen core technology engineering teams in creating new integrated technology intellectual property and technology solutions consisting of hardware and software. As contributor to Wacom’s core technology portfolio, you must possess a unique blend of strong technology vision and big-picture business savviness to support Wacom’s midterm strategy and growth.
Job resposibility: ・ Contribution to the strategy and definition of Wacom’s technology roadmap with the goal to grow Wacom’s intellectual property and technology services portfolio
・ Act as part of technical expert team for artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and cloud-based services and contribute to Wacom’s innovation and roadmap development processes
・ Define and lead technology research and development roadmap projects with cross-discipline engineering team members and/or with strategic technology partners
・ Identify, evaluate and establish technology and research partnerships with e.g., academia, research institutes and technology companies that will complement and support Wacom’s Ink technology roadmap

Requirement: ・ 5+ years of professional experience in research or engineering in Artificial Technology domains, such as: Handwriting recognition, Natural Language Processing (Named Entity Recognition, Named Entity Linking), Ontologies, Knowledge Graphs, Deep Learning related topics (Recurrent Neural Networks)
・ Proven professional experience in cloud-based services (Azure, AWS) industry is a strong plus
・ University degree in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, or Engineering are required, PHD degree is a plus
・ Solid mathematical foundation of machine learning / deep learning techniques
・ Strong experience in C/C++, C#, or Python
・ Experience in at least one major machine learning framework: TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, Caffe etc.
・ Solid insights and interest in state-of-the-art and future trends in technology fields related to AI-based smart services and connected devices
・ Strong focus on use cases and user experience that will
・ Creativity and curiosity for solving highly complex problems
・ Passion for innovations and pen and ink technologies
・ Excellent communication skills that address to business and to technical audiences and teams
・ Fluent English and Japanese in written and spoken form
・ Working experience in global/international teams

Place 東京支社(東京都新宿区西新宿8-17-1 住友不動産新宿グランドタワー)
Working time フレックスタイム制(コアタイム 10:00〜16:00)/1日の所定労働時間:8時間
Holiday 土日、祝日 年間休日130日(2021年度)
Others 詳細は面接の際にお伝えいたします

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