Senior Engineer, Pen technology, Electronic Engineer and certification specialist

Key Responsibilities: Lead the internal and external coordination for certification, and create the required technical documentation.
Check and feedback of the certification and test reports.
Decision of Standard label specification.
In product development process, resolves electrical and technical issues about the standard.
Conduct product verification test against each product spec requirements.
Electrical analysis of Pen module and AES system for each project.

Qualifications: Must:
Professional knowledge having working experience of certification survey and skill about 3 to 5 years for consumer goods.
Having good communication skills and motivation, a can-do attitude as a self-starter.

Experience of leading design and development of the customized pen requested by the customer
Experience of Electronic circuit design based on customer requirements.
Having Experience as an LCD/OLED and Touch Panel development engineer.
Business level of Japanese, Conversational level of English.
Creative thinker, out of the box, interested in new technologies and IT trends.
Place 東京支社(東京都新宿区西新宿8-17-1 住友不動産新宿グランドタワー)
Working time フレックスタイム制/1日の標準労働時間:8時間
Holiday 完全週休二日制(土日祝)

Others 詳細は面接の際にお伝えいたします

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